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Why Voinext

Each and every break in the fast and continuous interaction with customers, or in-between members of staff, can cause significant losses in capital, time and in some cases in business itself. Every business or organization from every market segment has its own critical points of interaction.
Voinext offers a highly reliable, cost-effective and seamlessly embeddable communication and marketing platform that offers a fundamentally new way for businesses presented online to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It's a communication platform with a set of integrated products for every team — including sales, marketing, product, and support teams. The platform enables targeted communication with customers on any website or in-between any of the team members, by live voice/video calls or type chat inside web and mobile apps, by email or mobile text messaging - no matter were in the world that business in located - all from one cloud platform.
Keeping you in control of your business. Keeping your critical point running.


All these challenges if not solved result in losses of both capital and business.


More sales conversions. More revenue. Improved customer satisfaction.
Voinext increases revenue with a quick, simple human touch to online customer interaction. Voinext personalizes the shopping experience and makes the business stand out ahead of the competition!

Voinext gives to your business two of the most important sales tools online shopping lost, a voice and presence - essential tools to help increase sales conversions through your website. Intelligent handling of customer requests and powerful back office management system create a way to success:

Powerful customer tracking and CRM/ERP integration means correct business decisions.
The platform provides unprecedented real-time environment to boost situational awareness for company's sales/support agents, e.i. "live situation-awareness room". The company's agents are presented live with all the information needed to achieve marketing or collaboration targets – all current interactions, full relevant details about current contacts, either customers or members of staff, previous and current interactions or purchases or support events related to current situation, system's situation advises and warnings.

Voinext's powerful CRM/ERP integration makes analysis and adjustments to ways of interaction with customers an effective management tool. Our continuous presentation of analysis process assists in reaching maximum efficiency of customer interactions that traditional communication approach simply cannot replicate. Real live data collected pushed and pulled to/from company's CRM/ERP allows precise tactical and strategic planning for successful business development.

Additional marketing channels. Presentations.
Voinext platform creates additional channels for goods and services presentations by easily and seamlessly embedding webinars and broadcasts into any online presence.

Effective communications and collaborations.
With Voinext platform business communications and collaborations are benefiting from a seamless integration of real time live voice/video conversations and conferences with customers and team members, broadcasts, presentations, intelligent mobile messaging and emails. Seamless integration is supported on top of any internal telecom or online infrastructure or public online presence. Our platform provides full scale tools to fulfill any complex collaboration/communication demands including call center's type of service or telecom type of service.

Monitor and control
In addition to powerful analytics the platform's management dashboard offers a set of powerful monitoring tools ranging from voice/video recording of every contact to real-time monitoring of every reps performance. A business is aware of rights and wrongs of any of its reps at anytime.

Voinext's unique new disruptive technology provides the ability to make live calls or establish complex live online communications from any modern device that can connect to the internet. In addition we apply intelligent routing mechanisms, saving on traditional telecom expenses without the need to download or indeed install any software. The most complex voice/video call flows supporting business processes can be applied without any need of additional software or equipment on the client's side. From small businesses that require simple website-to-phone solution to the corporate market that require bespoke solutions we are ready to fulfill all current and future demands at the lowest prices not seen in the communications industry before.



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