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The Voinext platform presents a unique unified point of contact for business’s online presence.

The Voinext's platform fulfills business communication demands and enhances existing communication infrastructure: the platform acts as a full grade call/contact center, cloud IP PBX, mini telco and as a value added communication layer. The layer supports and enhances any existing or future communication roles adding advanced features to the existing communication infrastructure without the need to change the latter. The platform eliminates dependency on telecom providers for businesses online communications.

Our technology represents an innovation vision on how we, as people, will communicate in the decades ahead. We combine it with the most modern trends in open communication tools like the WebRTC EcoSystem and SIP interconnections to create present and future communication tools for providing C2B, B2B, B2C Voice & Video communications, phone services, chats, presentations and other business communication solutions. As more and more everyday services are being offered online, Voinext enhances how customers engage with business.

The Voinext platform is engineered with what's called "open architecture". It is built with open computing software and hardware standards so that it can quickly integrate new technologies as they emerge. The platform seamlessly integrates into any other system and acts as an independent system or as a value added layer.

The platform provides revolutionary USP:
- no need for additional software and hardware to purchase or install either on business's side or on customer's side
– cloud based, 100% reliability and uptime
- fully integrable with online operators, landlines, mobile and PBX systems
- bypass telecom limitations for toll free and premium rate numbers
- the existing business's computer and telecom infrastructure can be seamlessly integrated, no modifications required

- user friendly visual web based dashboard enables the building of complex call flows (IVRs) using just drag-and-drop elements

- the platform's API integration with the business's own server allows increased flexibility and control over their account application even further. Customer's server can dictate to the platform how the business interaction should flow

- standard feature includes voice recognition in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian

- voice synthesizing facility produces a natural audio from a written input in many voices and languages within a call flow

- calls of any complexity are supported: audio and video with unlimited number of participants
- host unlimited video and audio conferences directly on your own web site with one click setup
- audio and video recording
- data driven dynamic responses and Artificial Intellect call behavior is provided as a standard feature
- powerful analytic, CRM and Google analytic integration
- online advertisement banners as call service are supported – customers call directly to your reps by clicking on the banner
- widgets embedded in your emails allowing instant calls from the email are supported

The platform supports as endpoints any traditional phones or PBXs, SIP devices, IP PBXs, Cloud PBXs, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and any web-enabled devices such as Kindle.

MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows systems are supported.

The platform's cloud routing mechanisms can deliver the highest quality voice and video calls, conferences, webinars, broadcasts and chat interactions. Most modern audio and video technologies are supported as well as stereo sound to deliver the highest quality telepresence interaction experience with your company's representatives as well as within your company collaboration experience. All traffic is encrypted. The platform seamlessly supports older technologies that use outdated technologies and codecs.

Voinext's call/chat/conference/webinars widgets are an instant point of contact placed anywhere on your online presence.

Customers can interact with the widget and instantly be connected to a live voice/video/chat that can answer whatever questions they may have or join a conference or get a webinar/broadcast feed.

Complex connection logic is settable via Voinext's dashboard control panel where one can customize widgets, add agents or phones, set routing of calls or add additional features.

Installing the widget itself requires not much more than copy and pasting the widgets code from the dashboard. It takes just a few minutes.

You can install the code or have your web developer install the code on any number of locations on your website, it’s up to you!

The process is seamless.

The widget is instantly activated on sign up and you can be taking calls and talking with customers through your website from any location in the world in just a few minutes.


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